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Been working on some stream related stuff.  Here’s a mock-up of how my new graphics will look.  I got an overlay and a little spot for my webcam.  If I don’t have the cam on, then I’ve got a place holder face that looks around.  The section with my links will probably be animated to rotate through various bits of info as well as might be where a subscriber widget goes if I ever get to a point where I’d have subs.  The sidebar is a general info pane that I can stick a playlist in or maybe a schedule of games for the current stream or whatevs.  I took my time making it in such a way that it should be pretty simple to rearrange the boxes and add new backgrounds.  Let me know what you think and you might be seeing more streaming from me before too long!  I know you can’t wait!

Hey, look, another old sketch!  This time of Geoffrey St John.  Maybe someday I’ll sketch something new.  Rate comment and subscribe if you want to see more.  Rate, comment and subscribe if you want me to go away forever.  Rate, comment and sub if you like cookies.

I’m making a special post outside the others.  This is an older shoop I did that I never really put into wide circulation; I just sent it to some friends.  See, I felt a little weird using Ian’s face in a shoop but the idea was just so darn funny that it was never gonna leave unless I actually made it.  Funny thing though and the reason I’m putting this up now is because Ian was in the Marathon thread last Friday and I posted this image.  He enjoyed it, said he saved it at least, so I figure if he’s cool with it, y’all might as well get a giggle too.

Got the idea to do this since it seems like Ian gets floods of questions he can’t/won’t answer but people keep on askin em anyway. 

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